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Security Researcher

As a security researcher, you'll work closely with our team of seasoned web3 researchers to discover bugs and vulnerabilities in smart contracts or web applications. You will help write audit reports and communicating any findings to our clients.


We don't have formal experience requirements. We're looking for people who are able to learn fast and tackle interesting problems. If you enjoy solving difficult problems, please shoot us your application and we'll followup with next steps.

Compensation and Perks
  • Competitive salary with holistic bonus
  • Networking opportunities in the Web3 community: you get to work closely alongside seasoned professionals and mentors across all departments.
  • Free travel - including company offsites and crypto conferences around the globe. Past locations include Bali, Malta, and Japan.
  • Fully remote work.

Application Form

Coding Challenge

This is the runtime bytecode of a contract using EIP-3855.


Please provide the calldata of a transaction that will not revert. Submit your answer as a hex string. If there are multiple answers, submit the shortest answer. If there are multiple shortest answers, submit the unique lexicographically first answer.