Security audits that power blockchain ideas.

Composed from a team of independent security researchers, OtterSec has a proven track record in both Web3 and traditional security. We work closely with passionate teams to provide a holistic and collaborative approach to security.

Our Clients

Will Barnes

CEO, Jet Protocol
Finding reliable long-term audit partners in the nascent Solana ecosystem had proven to be a difficult task, that is until we engaged with OtterSec to audit Jet's initial governance system. From the start they were attentive, accessible, demonstrated strong understanding of the Solana programming model, and were quick to produce results. We've engaged with them again on a subsequent audit.

Port Finance

We are impressed by their attention to detail and sharp eyes and would recommend them to other Solana projects.

Michael Huang

Co-Founder, Saber
OtterSec reported a critical vulnerability to us in our stable swap program, demonstrating a rare level of expertise and attention to detail. We'd highly recommend them as a strong candidate for any future audits.


Open Source Contributor
OtterSec showed a strong attention to detail and deep understanding of the ecosystem in their recent audit for Serum. We were deeply impressed and would highly recommend their services to other projects.
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